A successful Agra2019

A successful fair with many new contacts, good conversations with customers and best future prospects.

Penergetic was able to present visitors to Agra2019 with a range of products ideally suited to the needs of agriculture. 

The theme of the stimulation of biology and micro-organisms through a natural agent is a new starting point in agriculture. It will be unique products to maintain soil fertility, humus formation, plant strengthening and yield optimization to use for better animal welfare. This also shows how adaptable Penergetic's product range is. It does not matter whether the product is needed for maize, fruit growing, chickens or pigs, composting or stall spreading. The product portfolio can easily be adapted to all conditions. 

Visitors to the fair were also able to see the advantages of the products, such as very good miscibility with herbicides, fungicides or other products. This guarantees the simplest possible application without additional expenditure. 

And the reduction of fertilizers, which can lead to further cost savings, is regarded as a small delicacy. 

At Agra2019, for example, it was possible to show a sustainable product that is prepared for all challenges and is waiting to be used. 

See our trade fair film here: Penergetic:Agra2019